Forum: “20 Years Bulgarian Volunteers’ Maritime SAR”

SAR/Salvage Action

SAR/Salvage Action on sar/s.v ”Perun”-in SRR-08/09 Jan.1981; (Wind~32 m/sec; Wave height-11 m. Successfully SAR Action!)

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Discussion Topics:
The role and contribution of the specialized maritime voluntary organizations and the correct choice of suitable rescue units to the enhancement of the rescue operations efficiency.

In connection with the completion of 20 years since the establishment of specialized association volunteer for humanitarian marine search and rescue - "BULSAR" nomination committee proposed to mark this event in an appropriate manner, including the holding of this forum, whose aim is:

  • Invite voluntary and government entities, focusing on those who are Black, Mediterranean, Baltic and other distant regions, representatives of state structures in Bulgaria, responsible for ensuring maritime security in general and for the conscientious and accurate performance of our conventional duties this area.
  • Representatives of international bodies related to the problems of maritime policy concerning the protection of human life at sea, the ecology of the sea and other important issues.

BULSAR believes that the presence of representatives from organizations such as IMRF, IMO, COSPAS-SARSAT, the European Commission, the Parliamentary Assembly of Economic Cooperation from the Black Sea countries (PABSEC) and others, would help to build a national strategy on sea rescue and ecology of the sea. They ask them to help and participate in the discussed issues.

Sharing the experience of these countries in relation management, planning and implementation of rescue, the characteristics of the rescue units, attracting alternative structures having floating and rescue aircrafts, the application of new advanced technologies and resources will help increase the efficiency of rescue events and will contribute to enhancing maritime transport culture and social security, etc.

BULSAR hopes to see you there!

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Thursday - 6th August 2015
Time Prodecure Person in Charge
0930-1000 Registration Participants
1000-1010 Opening Ceremony/Welcome Speeches
  • Validation of the envelope with post mark "20 years Bulsar"
  • Michael Vlasto, honorary member under by Article 19, Statute of BULSAR
Mrs. Galya Stoyanova – Forum Secretary
1010-1020 Address to Participants, Guests and Sponsors of the Forum Capt. Nikifor Guerchev, CEO “BULSAR”
1020-1100 Salutations to the Forum Participants, Guests, Others
1100-1200 Reports Capt. D. Dimitrov-Moderator
1200-1300 LUNCH BREAK Catering
1300-1330 MEDIA BREAK Mrs. Julieta Tzvetkova
1330-1430 Reports Capt. Dimitar Dimitrov-Moderator
1430-1500 COFFEE BREAK
1500-1700 Reports
1700-1740 Visit the training centers of the Naval Academy Naval Academy
1740-1930 leisure time
1930–2100 Cocktail Party - Restaurant “Odesos“
Friday - 7th August 2015
Time Prodecure Person in Charge
0800-0900 Courtesy visit to the Commander of the Bulgarian Navy
0930 -1030 Reports Capt. Dimitar Dimitrov-Moderator
1030-1230 Seminar: Org. Naval Academy Naval Academy
1230-1300 LUNCH BREAK Catering
1300-1400 Discussion and preparation of the final document
1530 Approval of the final document Forum
1600-1730 Sea Tour or other pleasure Org Com
1930 Farewell dinner Org Com
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